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Downloads and Information...

Below are some free helpful advice and downloads to help you with your mobility scooter and batteries. If there is a specific Pride download or item you need advice with please contact us or call us at (702) 265 2441

Traveling via airline
If you are taking your mobility device via airline please remember a few this before you go.

Remove the key from your scooter prior to boarding the aircraft.
Leaving your key in the ignition of your scooter can lead to a few problems when you get to your destination. If the scooter power is left on for the duration of the flight there is a good possibility your batteries will be low or discharged when you get to your destination. Also by leaving you key in the ignition there is a higher risk of the key being lost or even broken in the ignition.

Check your batteries and charger.
Check when was the last time you changed your batteries, extreme heat and cold can effect the condition of your batteries and speed up any weakness your batteries may have. If possible have a local dealer perform a load test on your batteries before you go.
Always  put your charger in to your checked baggage or carry on luggage so you know its safe and not in the basket or back pocket of the seat of the scooter as its more likely to be lost, damaged or miss placed while being stowed in the plane. Check your charger is functioning correctly the night before you leave and there is no damage to the charger or wiring.


Insurance and Medi
care - a few facts

Insurance  - First check with your insurance company that DME equipment is covered by your medical insurance policy. If you are eligible you will then need a prescription from your doctor plus a letter from your insurance company stating what medical benefits are available to you for a DME (Durable Medical Equipment), or commonly called mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Once you have this in place arrange a visit to our store so we can best asses and assist you with regards to which unit would be best for for medical and everyday needs. Once you are happy with choice you would need to purchase the unit and claim remittance back from your medical insurance company by providing a paid receipt of your purchase any any other supporting documents required by your insurance company.    

Medicare - as of writing this (late 2016), Medicare will not cover any mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Medicare Advantage coverage varies. If your Medicare Advantage coverage excepts DMA equipment you will need to find a DMA provider who is authorized to except Medicare. If you have a private insurance supporting your Medicare insurance and wish to get a Mobility Scooter rather than a Powered Wheelchair there is a great possibility Medicare will deny their portion of the percentage of coverage which then has to be funded by the individual. This percentage is governed by how much your private insurance will to cover e.g. If your Private insurance was set at 80% your Medicare coverage would be 20% If Medicare deny the request for a DMA mobility scooter you would have to pick up the remaining 20%
(We do not accept Medicare patients for DMA equipment or repairs)

Vehicle Lifts
We have a full range of vehicle lifts to suit many vehicles. For more information and suitability for your vehicle  please contact us and we'll be happy to advise you. Please have the following information ready before you call:
Make and model and year of vehicle

We supply a range of Harmar, PVI and EZ-Access
vehicle lifts covering a large range of vehicles.
If you require more information regarding pricing and compatibility with your vehicle  please contact us or call us at (702) 265 2441

Do's and Don'ts when buying a used lift...
Just a few things to think about when buying a used lift More...

Buying or selling used Scooter or Power wheelchairs
Just a few things to expect when buying and selling used mobility equipment More...

Scooter and Power Wheelchair Suitability...
What product is right for me?
Some key facts and considerations to remember when buying a mobility scooter or power wheelchair

Trouble shooting...

My scooter won’t move when I turn it on – what should I look for?

Click here to
(PDF 100KB)

General Battery Care & Information
Click here to

Some Pride Mobility Scooter Manuals
(PDF Download)

    Go-Go ES2   GO-Go Folding Scooter
    Go-Go Ultra X   Victory 9
    Go-Go Elite Traveller   Victory 10
    Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus   Victory Sport
    Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport   Maxima (Pre 02)
    Go-Go LX with CTS   Maxima (2002)

Older Scooter Manuals
(PDF Download)

  Go-Go ES    Mega Motion Elite 8
  Go-Go Ultra    V 10
  Celebrity X    Revo
  Celebrity 99    Dash
  Celebrity XL    Legend 1999
  Celebrity 2000    Legend 2000
  Celebrity XL E    Sonic
  Rally    Sonic SC50
  Sundancer    Sonic SC52
  Buzzaround Lite   Companion
  Buzzaround XL series   Avenger
  Spitfire Scout/DLX/DST    
  Phoenix HD    

Important Information Notice

Please remember to read your manual's safety instruction before using your mobility scooter.
We have seen over the last few weeks some customers and also scooter providers using their scooters on greater inclines of 6
°* (manufactures recommended maximum incline allowance) while operating and riding on their scooters. Going up steep inclines can be dangerous for the user and also will invalidate any warranty on the scooter and or batteries. Most mobility scooters are for use on flat even surface and uphill gradients no grater that 6°*. Using your scooter on gradients for prolonged period and distance will greatly reduce the range and performance of your batteries. 
*(larger scooters may have the ability for grater inclines please refer to your user manual for more information)

SLA Batteries
Replacement SLA Batteries from $24.99
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*Prices subject to change, availability only in the Las Vegas Valley area. Call out fees are applicable.
† Free battery installation only available in the Las Vegas area - does not include call out fees.
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