Trouble Shooting...
My scooter won’t move when I turn it on – what should I look for?

Is the charger still plugged into the unit?
If the charger is still plugged into the charger port the scooter will not function. Turn off the unit and remove the charger then restart the scooter.

Is the scooter in the un-locked, free wheel position?
A series of flashes or audible beeps will be seen or heard from the unit. Turn off the scooter at the key and put the drive lever in to lock or drive position then turn the unit on again.

No lights come on the tiller battery indicator.
Check to see if the battery pack is correctly inserted, seated and all the wire connections have been plugged in correctly.
Check to see the key is inserted all the way and fully turned to the on position.
Check the overload circuit beaker hasn't tripped.
Check for any blown fuses.

The lights come on the tiller battery indicator but still no movement.
Make sure that nothing is touching or obstructing the drive control lever before turning on the unit. Do not operate the drive lever until the scooter start up is complete.

I still get no movement and the tiller battery indicator doesn’t illuminate
If you have charged the unit overnight for no less than 8 hours most scooter faults are due to bad batteries. For further assistance call us at (702) 265 2441