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Authorized Pride Mobility Dealer in Las Vegas
Authorized Warranty service and repair


Pride Mobility Premier
Warranty Repair

Pride Mobility Corp

Supplier and Distributer of SLA Batteries

Pride Mobility
Authorized Pride & Jazzy Mobility Dealer

Providers of Vive Scooters & Health Aids

Proud Suppliers of Stander
Home care Safety and Mobility products

Authorized Golden Mobility Dealer

Authorized Drive Mobility Dealer

Authorized Providers of
vehicle lifts, ramps and accessories

Authorized Providers of
Vehicle Lifts and Ramps

Authorized Providers of Enhanced Mobility Products and Repairs

Las Vegas Mobility Scooters and Lifts Services



At Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts we've got you covered!
Pride Mobility, Drive and Golden Technologies Authorized Sales, Parts, Service and Warranty Repair Dealer.

As Pride Mobility, Golden Technology and Drive Mobility dealers and technicians for over 5 years, we have the knowledge and technical ability to advice, diagnose and repair all makes of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs.
Full Sevice
You can bring your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair to us for a FREE diagnostic and fault finding service. We also offer a pick up call out service*

Please note:
Due to all products bought online these units are covered by the suppliers service warranty and can NOT be handled by us. Please contact your point of purchase to schedule a service technician to come to your home. All custom products bought from spinlife.com such as the Go-Go Elite Traveller with white shrouds and buff seat and other Spinlife exclusive colors we can not get parts for these units and have to be handle by Spinlife.com only.

We can not service or repair any Medicare, Quantum and Other bariatric power wheelchairs or equipment.

Please Note:
Medicare and Insurance Purchases
We don't not accept payment from; Medicare,  VA, or Insurance claim DME equipment.
We can not provide any information for Medicare or VA related equipment enquires.  If you have private insurance which covers DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Purchase of the equipment must be made prior to submitting a claim to you insurance for re-imbursement, we can not do this process for you.

Now excepting Pride Premier Coverage Plan Warranty repairs. Click her for more information..

What we do...

  • Warranty Repairs 
    Authorized Pride, Jazzy, Drive and Golden Scooter and power chair warranty repair service center. We are authorized to carry out any Pride, Drive, Jazzy and Golden Mobility warranty issues
  • Non warranty repairs and service
    Bring any scooter to us for service and repair and we'll beat any service or repair quote.
  • Vehicle Lift installation and suitability matching
    Don't buy or be sold the wrong product for your vehicle. Come to us first for FREE vehicle lift product suitability checking for your vehicle.
  • Scooter and Power chair Storage
    If you, like a lot of people who visit Las Vegas or have a second home here in the valley along with a mobility product and don't want to take it home with you, Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts can offer a Scooter/Power chair storage and care package - this enables you to leave your mobility product with us and we can store and maintain the batteries while you're away.
    Please call for availability and more information.

  • Free Diagnostic and fault finding
  • Free advice and product suitability 
  • Free Scooter & Vehicle Lift Suitability Advice
  • Free Battery load testing and installation service†
  • All over yearly service and maintenance package

Please note: *Our call-out service is only for non working scooter power chair diagnostic and emergency repair only. For parts delivery please call us to order for pick-up/delivery or order via our online store. *Subject to call out fees


Click picture to enlarge

Ready to go

2013 Go-Go Ultra X repaired, stripped cleaned and ready for re-assembly   2013 Go-Go Ultra X cleaned and ready for sale. Sold in less than seven days

What do we do with a standard service?
Below are some of the processes behind a service of one of our scooters
2009 Go-Go Elite Traveller

   ● First we will walk around the scooter with the customer outlining any
      missing or visually broken parts such as shrouds, arm rests, torn or broken seat etc.

   ● If anything is found after fully stripping the scooter we will call the
      customer giving you the decision to replace or repair where possible any
      important essential safety parts.

   ● We check and load test each battery (please make sure you fully charge
      your batteries prior to your scooter service appointment) and check the
      wiring for any breaks or problems.

   ● We strip each wheel down removing any debris such as carpet fiber,
      hair, grease and other debris from the axels, bearings and drive

   ● Check and oil each bearing
   ● Check all the rubber steering (4 wheel scooters) & suspension bushing
   ● Check for functioning brake and clutch for any damage
   ● Check each tire for any damage (see pictures below)
   ● Check exposed wiring, connections and main controller for any damage
   ● Check auto-connecting wiring connectors and pins
   ● Check for any steering issues, tighten and adjusting steering tie rods
   ● Check for any missing screws, split rings and other fastenings
   ● Clean, degrease and reassemble the unit
   ● Test drive the unit making sure everything is perfect
   ● Final detail cleaning ready for customer delivery or pick up

   On average a small three wheel scooter takes between 4 - 6 hours to service*.
    Larger scooters can take longer. *Doesn't include time taken for any replacement parts or
    availability of parts

Why should I service my scooter or lift?
We feel that all transport vehicles, whether it be a car, scooter,
or a vehicle lift, taking care and general service give longevity and reliability at any type of transport. If your car brakes down you not only have the expense of the repair bill you also have to still get around with your normal everyday life. Without transport you would have to think about other means getting around, get a ride with a friend, rent another vehicle, or take public transportation. For some people a scooter or power chair is their only means of getting around so upkeep should considered. With yearly maintenance you also keep your units value, it's far easier to sell a nice looking well maintained unit than something that looks like its been not cared for. Just think not replacing a 50c broken bearing could lead to a $100 wheel replacement.

I Need to get around while my unit is serviced.
No problem, we'll give you a rental scooter while your unit is being serviced for FREE
(Subject to availability)

We are a honest and fair company and WILL NOT make things up to make a buck! We will advise you about problems and how serious they are, but it's up to you if you want to fix it. Most of the time if we see a problem like missing screws, loose panels, loose or broken wires or sometimes even missing parts we'll fix it for free! We've even given batteries away for free.

Your safety and mobility is our goal and we want you to go away feeling you've been treated fairly and honestly and want to come back to us. Check out Eric B's review of exactly where some companies want to take advantage of some people!

Click pictures to enlarge






Rear axel stripped ready for service   Front wheel axel and inner wheel bearing cleaned and oiled   Wheel and outer wheel bearing oiled

Rubber bushing


Rubber Bushing


Finished Motor

Rear bearing bush improperly aligned and loose   Rear drive shaft bearing re-straightened, tightened and cleaned   Cleaned, de-greased and ready for reassembly



2009 Go-Go Elite Traveller


Reday to go

Parts ready for reassembly


Finished, reassembled,
 detailed and ready to go!

Service prices start from $25*
Call us for more information and to book your service

SLA Batteries
Replacement SLA Batteries from $24.99
Call or buy online today



*Prices subject to change, availability only in the Las Vegas Valley area. Call out fees are applicable.
† Free battery installation only available in the Las Vegas area - does not include call out fees.
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