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Las Vegas Mobility Scooters and Lifts News

  Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts News Page 2018
Online Bargain?! Finding that online bargain.
We all like to save money and buying online is one way; you might think it's the best way to save a dollar or two. Most if not all of our service calls are for repairs to brand new scooters purchased on the internet.
Most of these online sales companies are just call centers churning out orders offering FREE this and FREE that. Here are some of the great online offerings and Spin! from some of the top mobility suppliers. So you've been enticed by the thought of all these FREE gifts they want to give you like cup holder, flag and armrest pouch now comes to the real meat of your online purchase, the Free delivery


Damaged in Transit


FREE Delivery...
Actually its Free Curbside delivery, which is basically the item is dropped outside by Mr. Delivery person at the curb for you to drag the unit into the house to un-box and assemble. But remember to keep all that packaging just in case it's damaged , you don't like the unit or it's smaller than you anticipated!

But wait all is not lost you can pay for the extra service of..

Inside Delivery $59.00 (Does not include set-up)
Certified Tech Set-Up (Includes Inside Delivery) $199.00 White Glove Delivery $200.00 (Which you will have to schedule for someone at a later date)

WOW that online bargain to save on sales TAX is starting to mount up already.

As the advertisements always say "But wait! there's more..."

Time for the piece of mind for your purchase

No Worries Service Contracts (that's where I come in to play)
1-Year In-Home Service $0.00
(mandatory requirement by the manufacture)
2-Year In Home Service $99.00
(Trust me I don't get close to that for a call out, hmm)
3-Year In Home Service $199.00
(should be called labor warranty as you wont get your unit serviced like a car)

Below is a picture of a brand new scooter purchased from an out of state online supplier which is exactly the same price we offer in our store without the added extra cost of delivery, setup and optional service expenses etc etc. Now this poor lady unboxed the item assembled it, plugged it in to charge it to find that the scooter wouldn't move. We were called out by this company to investigate the problem.

I arrived at the customers home to find one of two of the most common mistakes made by new scooter owners. The charger was left plugged into the scooter and secondly the brake/drive freewheel lever set in the the freewheel position.

Luckily for this lady who had just been discharged from the hospital had forgotten to take out the charger from the scooter which had triggered the inhibit mode which stops the scooter driving off with the charger still attached to the scooter and the wall (good idea really don't you think)

After further inspection of the unit I noticed the tiller steering was extremely strange and loose and to my amazement the lower frame where the tiller meets the steering and main frame had completely sheered off both sides. (see pictures)

Luckily for this lady, if she had unplugged the charger from the unit and rode it this could of been a catastrophic incident and I'm sure more hospital time!!!

We feel that buying mobility products such as scooters online is not the correct way to purchase something that you have to rely on for your mobility and if used incorrectly can cause injury.

When you walk into our store we ask you some important question such as where will you be using the unit the most? Do you suffer with any balance issues? Will you want to transport the unit?
Then we move on to how well you fit the unit?
Some scooters might have a 300 lbs weight capacity but some of the smaller, more inexpensive scooters are not meant for someone who is six foot four with size 11 shoes. Being comfortable and having the ability to get on and off the scooter with ease makes a big difference to your purchase and that's something you don't get the chance to do by buying online.

'You can always send the unit back' I hear you say!
You're correct, but please please please read the online shipping and returns policy regarding boxing and returning - something that can also be costly and take time out of your day waiting for Mr. Delivery person to come and throw it back into his truck of destruction. But wait there's more don't forget the 20% re-stocking fee!! There goes that amazing online deal just melting away! But at least you'll have a FREE cup holder and Flag to wave around from your armchair.

Long and short of it all!
Scooters, power wheelchairs, vehicle lifts and power recliners are not like buying a pair of socks - they can be expensive and a costly mistake when you make a wrong purchase.
Buy once, Buy Right, and Buy local, Get the right advice, and take a test drive.

  • We offer Free Delivery to anywhere in Las Vegas
  • FREE white Glove Service
  • FREE set-up and operation and care instruction
  • Up to 2 year manufacture warranty FREE
  • Point of contact LOCALLY if something goes wrong

Please note:
Due to all products bought online these units are covered by the suppliers first year service warranty and can NOT be handled by us. Please contact your point of purchase to schedule a service technician to come to your home. All custom products bought from spinlife.com such as the Go-Go Elite Traveller with white shrouds and buff seat and other Spinlife exclusive colors we can not get parts for these units and have to be handle by Spinlife.com only.

Sign of the Times Location Location Location!

We are not fans of busy, blustering shopping malls and wanted a quieter location for our customers.




Although parking can be a little crowded sometimes (due to the other business staff thinking they are more important than their customers and feel the need to park right outside their office door to save their poor little legs)
usually ample parking with a disabled stall with ramp are close to the door but not much use when you block the ramp!!.  

We want our customers to feel relaxed and be able to test drive our products without the fear of being run over by traffic and also a place where we can install lifts on site, so we chose Pepper Lane for our home.

After many months since we've moved to our new show room we have finally got around to putting up our store sign on the building. With us not being on a main street some of our customers were finding it difficult to pin-point our location. With our new building sign we hope this will help guide people easily to our door.

In the past we had two road signs to help guide people with location but with one of them being made of metal the "scrappers" think it's fair game to steal it in broad daylight to make a dollar! Good job we have security cameras and we know exactly who this person is and what they drive.

In the next few weeks we will be erecting a new entrance sign on pepper lane (not made of metal) to replace the one that was stolen.  

Alvi baking in the Las Vegas Midday Sun - poor fella!

Lifts and Compatibility

We are seeing more customer being misinformed when purchasing a new vehicle with regards to transporting their scooter or Power Wheelchair.
If you already have a scooter or Power Wheelchair and are looking to purchase a new vehicle to aid with transport please contact us first. Please be aware that buying a vehicle on the premises that its capable of towing doesn't necessarily mean the vehicle has sufficient *tongue capacity to carry the weight of the lift and scooter/power chair. Please do not just rely on the car salesman's word that the vehicle is capable of such extra weight added to the rear of the vehicle without them doing the proper checks first as we have seen this can be a costly mistake. There are two different ratings a vehicle has with regards to **towing capacity and *tongue weight. These different ratings given by the manufacture have two different purposes. Most manufactures supply the tongue and towing weight capacity in your cars owners manual.

*Tongue weight:
This is the maximum rated weight capacity the the manufacture recommends that the car tow hitch fitted to the vehicle is rated for. The tongue weight figure accounts for the maximum allowed downward weight allowed by the frame support, suspension, braking, cooling system and transmission. Even if you fit a 500 lbs. rated tow hitch to your vehicle doesn't mean that the car can support such weight without extra modification to the above.

**Towing capacity:
This is the maximum rated weight that can be towed via trailer supported by an axel behind the vehicle. This weight also takes in to account frame support, suspension, braking, cooling system and transmission.




New Store New Product

Come and check out our new store at:
3340 Pepper Lane Suite 108

Looking for your favorite Pride Mobility product? From small to large, we've probably got it!




Perfect timing for our new store grand opening is the just released, all new Pride Mobility 3 and 4 wheel Victory 9 2.0 and Victory 10 2.0 with all new features.



Pride have kept the basic but all robust workings of the Victory 9 and 10 and given it some much awaited facelift and feature additions such as: New satin matt paint finish available in Ocean Blue and gloss Candy Apple Red. The new victory's also feature Frosted LED accent tiller lights to go with the original low mounted LED pathway light. Wider front tiller shroud with integrated USB mobile device charging port. Integral tiller cup holder, tiller puddle light and NEW ambient Battery meter that adjust the brightness to suit the users environment. The Victory2.0 series comes in new design stitched seat available in 18" x 17" and NEW 20" x 18"

Come in and check these two new redesigned scooters at our NEW store.
Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts

Moving Along All the framing work and drywall is now completed, the walls are all painted and the old flooring is removed and we're just waiting on the the new flooring to be put down. After that is completed we can then start to install all the store fixtures ready for the big move in. We're hopefully looking to be in and set up for the first week of July, who knows may be even the 4th of July?? 

BIG thanks again to JJ our sales rep and his boss Ray who came all the way from PA to visit us last week. They took a look at the new space and brought us some promotional material posters and other goodies for the new store.

We are also currently working with our new neighbors across the street
Design One Printing on Pecos Road, we
have a new designed new logo which we are currently finalizing for our outside store signage.


We are both excited about or move and can't wait to welcome in our new and old customers to our new home. Also our customers will be glad to know our new showroom is right next to the disabled parking ramp reducing the time you have to spend in this Vegas heat!

Demolition begins Our landlord,s building manager John had a vision for us at our new location at Suite #108 on 3340 Pepper Lane. Of course we were apprehensive (due to a bigger space) and we couldn't quite see the vision at first. But now after seeing the demolition work that has started we can now understand what John was seeing.

The first stage of opening up the space of #108 has started and we are shocked by how much room removing the walls has given us. It's going to look awesome!

We will have over 750 square feet of open showroom floor space instead of segregated offices with scooters in each room. We will also have a dedicated 230 square feet of parts, service and repair shop all in one room instead of having to run next door, climb over all our rental scooters to get tools and do repairs.

We have also acquired an extra 900 square feet of warehouse space for our collection of parts and rental scooters.

Check back here to see how the new showroom progresses...

Meeting our goals! Since we started our little business over four years ago in a corner of a warehouse with three scooters we have had the vision to give Las Vegas the best customer service and offer the largest selection of mobility scooters with service and support to match. Showroom space has always been our top feedback from our customer and as always we listen and take action.

Just being the two of us (husband and wife) for the past year and a half with the help of our suppliers we have been pushing forward to increase our presence and sales to help us move forward and reach our goals without compromising our customer service and core values of our company. Even though it wasn't our first choice of location, after working with our Landlord Shaun and his building manager John we have finally made a deal to increase our space from 600 square feet to 1600 square feet with an additional 1000 square feet of extra space to expand when we need it.

We are staying in the same location and building on Pepper Lane and will be moving to suite 108 after some construction work is completed. With help from Pride and our sales reps Ryan and JJ who will be sending us plenty of updated material for the new showroom keep us and and our customer up to date with what the market larders pride have to offer.

We will be posting here some updates of the progress of the move and we are looking to be in the new showroom by the end of June 2018

More to follow...

Jazzy ZT Zero Turn
The new JazzyZT is proving to be a hit with our customers as we cant keep this great unit on our showroom floor long enough before its sold. We have now decided to ordered two more units so we can always have one available to demo.

With its innovative duel motor, and tight turn front wheel design the JazzyZT gives this scooter a three wheel tight turn style steering on a four wheel stability platform. The two independent motors at the rear detect that the steering has been put into a tight left or right turn and just like a power wheelchair one motor will operate independent from the other to assist in turning the scooter round tight corners and doorways.


  The JazzyZT's core design is based around the Go-Go LX with its CTS suspension and comes with redigned wheels and great new features as standard such as sharp looking front and rear LED running lights and bright LED headlight, stitched JazzyZT logo seat, under-seat storage and available in a choice of 6 colors.
Click to enlarge    

Fire Opel


Onyx Black

Pearl White



Call in to view this great new product or click here to view or online store page for more information and specifactions on the New JazzyZT

2018 MedTrade 2018 MedTrade show in March
It was great to see our suppliers again from Stander, Golden and Pride Mobility this year. The future looks great with some fantastic prototype upgrades for Pride mobility scooters and lifts featuring an all new look Victory line, the New Outlander 2.0 and from Jazzy the new and improved Jazzy Air.

Keep checking our page to get the latest updates from these new and improved up and coming prototypes

We love going to MedTrade because we are able to purchase many new scooters at a good cost to us. This now gives us the full range of Go-Go travel scooters, Jazzy ZT and Victory 10 LX with CTS suspension.

We also gave the Pride Mobility R and D team some feedback from our customers and they are looking into improving and fixing some minor issues  that can better help our customers. 

More Room to Maneuver Even though we are still looking to increase our store floor space we have moved our large size scooters and power wheelchairs to a dedicated show room. This give us more floor space to better display, demo and introduce more  products that are available. We believe we have one of the biggest display and selection of Pride Mobility Scooter Products here in Las Vegas.

With the up and coming Las Vegas MedTrade show in March we anticipate buying more products from different manufactures to bring to our showroom so we can give our customer the choice of what's available on the market.

Now in store...

Come check out the all new REVO2.0 from Pride Mobility now in store at Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts


Jazzy ZT Aero Turn

Finally we have the JazzyZT (Zero Turn)
 Come in store today to view and test drive the all new


New Products.... Well the orders are in and we're just waiting for delivery on two exciting new products from market leaders Pride Mobility - Pride Revo 2.0 and the JazzyZT (zero Turn).

All new re-designed Pride Revo 2.0
We've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Pride re-designed Revo 2.0
and finally this week we place an order for our showroom of this fantastic updated version of the original Pride Revo



The Revo 2.0 comes in two colors Grey Street or True Blue and three or four wheel formats.

Some Standard Features

 ● Front and rear Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS)
 ● Under seat storage
 ● USB charge port
 ● Feather-touch disassembly
 ● Speeds up to 5 mph
 ● Larger U1 (35AH) Batteries (Two separate Packs)

For more detailed specifications and information please visit our online store to view the three wheel and four wheel Revo
2.0. Check back with our news page for an update of the delivery of these fantastic new products.

Please note at the moment the Revo 2.0 is currently 30 day lead time for delivery. Pre-orders are now being taken so please call or email us.

Happy New Year 2017 was a great year for us here at LVSL and we got to meet (again) some great new customers and helped out some visitors to our beautiful city of Las Vegas.

We also introduction of some great new products from Pride mobility such as the Jazzy ZT, Pride Raptor and some other great updated features to some of our existing scooter line. We introduced our online scooter rental booking system to help us automate our rentals, saving us time and still being able to accommodate and help our walk-in scooter customers with sales, parts, advice and repairs.

Who knows what 2018 will bring?
We're looking forward to the 2018 MedTrade show in March and hopefully see some more new products and suppliers so we can feature them in our showroom.

Space is a premium!
Hopefully in 2018 we plan to expand as much as we can to our modest showroom so we can bring our customers more choice on the showroom floor and not just a specification sheet and a picture, so watch this space.




SLA Batteries
Replacement SLA Batteries from $24.99
Call or buy online today



*Prices subject to change, availability only in the Las Vegas Valley area. Call out fees are applicable.
Free battery installation only available in the Las Vegas area - does not include call out fees.
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