Scooter Rental Terms and Conditions

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
By making payment you are accepting and agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

I hereby release, waive, and discharge the right to seek medical reimbursement or the legal
prosecution of Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts Scooter Rental for any physical injury resulting in or property damage from the use of the rental equipment provided by Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts. I agree to be the sole person driving the rental scooter and I am fully responsible for any person/s who, with or without my consent, sit on, stand, or ride the mobility scooter and

I hereby indemnify Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts for any legal prosecution from physical injury resulting to myself or someone else or property damage from the rental equipment provided by Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts. It is my express intent that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement shall bind my family if I am alive and my heirs, assigns and personal representative if I am deceased. It shall be deemed as a release, waiver, discharge, and covenant not to sue Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts, independent contractors, officers, agents, employees, and affiliates.

    I authorize the total rental amount to be charged to the credit card given at least 24 hours before equipment
      rental begins.

  ●  I understand I am fully responsible for the scooter during the rental period and any damage or loss incurred
     while in my possession and I guarantee I have provided accurate height and weight information to assure
      proper use and performance of the scooter I am renting.

  ●  I may cancel my rental and receive a full refund up to 24 hours prior to my rental delivery time and must call in
      my cancellation to Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts on 1 (702) 265-2441 and receive a cancellation confirmation
      number and refund.

  ●  I understand I will be charged a $50 delivery/late fee if neither I nor my representative are in attendance at the
      scheduled delivery or pick-up time for any location that requires my presence for service, such a hotel, private
      home or gated community (if person-to-person was arranged)

  ●  I hereby agree to take sole responsibility for any damages outside of normal wear and tear of the mobility
      scooter unit including accessories such as the battery charger and key while in my possession; my
      possession starts when I receive the rental unit and ends when we receive safe return of the scooter.
      When returning the scooter it is your responsibility to return all loaned items including key, charger and user
      manual with the scooter to the same pick up locationr or per-agreed drop off location.
      DO NOT leave any loaned equipment unattended at the drop off location without receiving signed confirmation
      from a member of the the bell desk staff. Failure to report, return or safeguarded the scooter and any other
      loaned equipment while in your possession will constitute as neglect and you will be responsible for the
      replacement of the scooter and or equipment loaned/rented to you by Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts.
      (Please read the insurance form below for items that are covered if insurance has been taken out) Insurance
      can not be purchased after the first day of the rental period.

  ●  I authorize Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts to charge any loss to my credit card provided and understand that
     failure to report, return or safeguarded the scooter while in your possession will constitute as neglect and you
     will be responsible for replacement of the scooter and or equipment loaned/rented to you by
     Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts.

  ●  Accidental Damage Insurance does NOT cover theft, loss or vandalism. Loss and theft insurance can be
      purchase separately which covers the replacement cost of the scooter. Neglect or failure to
      secure your scooter while in your possession will not be covered under our loss or theft insurance policy.
      (see below)
  ●  In the case that I request Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts to deliver to me a replacement battery charger or key, or
      if I request delivery of additional batteries because of improper charging time after each use, (please see user
      manual) I will be charged an additional delivery fee of $50 as long as the delivery location is within 10 miles of
      my original delivery location. If the delivery location is outside of the aforementioned areas, replacement items
      may not be deliverable. If a dispute arises, I agree to a third party company appointed by Las Vegas Scooters
      & Lifts, not associated with either myself or Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts, will decide the cost of damages or
     replacement value if both parties cannot reach a mutual agreement.

  ● The renter shall pay any legal fees incurred Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts to obtain monies owed by the renter

Company Policy

  ● Renters of our equipment must be of 21 years or older unless prior agreement has been arranged by a
    member of Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts staff at the time of booking. DO NOT use our online booking system
     to rent a scooter for someone under the age of 21 without prior written consent via email from us
     (Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts). ID is required when collecting your scooter from the hotel bell desk.

  ● Driving or operating our mobility equipment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted by
    us or by the law.

  ● I authorize Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts to charge any loss to my credit card provided for the return of our
     equipment due to seizure or removal of our equipment by any local authority or operating company. It is your
     responsibility along with any fines, release fees and taxes and charges. In the event of  non-return of
    equipment is deemed as neglect and full remittance for the return or replacement of the scooter/s
     and other loaned equipment. Full coverage insurance dose not include loss or theft due to neglect.

  ● DO NOT use the scooter for anything other than its intended for. Transporting other passengers, towing
     or carrying of baggage or other large items is not permitted and will be deemed as neglect.

  ● DO NOT use the scooter while consuming food or drink. Any evidence of such will incur a $25 cleaning fee
     and will be deemed as neglect.

  ● DO NOT operate the scooter while carrying any kind of open container of liquid. Any liquid spillage on the
     scooter can seriously damage electrical system of the scooter and will be deemed as neglect.

  ● DO NOT leave or store valuables such as phones, purses, wallets or any other valuables on the scooter.
     Las Vegas Scooters and Lifts is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property or possessions.

  ● Use caution when operating the scooter. When using the scooter be aware of
    other pedestrians. Use slower speeds when using indoors. In the event wet weather, or standing water
     DO NOT operate the scooter as these devises are designed for dry conditions only.
     Operating the scooter in wet conditions can seriously damage electrical system of the
     scooter and will be deemed as neglect.(please see your user manual)

  ●  ALWAYS secure your scooter and do not leave it unattended at any time. Leaving your scooter outside of a
      hotel room is NOT secure as it is accessible and to other guests and can be easily removed.

  ●  ALWAYS remove the key from the scooters ignition when not in use. If for any circumstance you need store
      you scooter please check your scooter in to the hotels Bell Desk.

  ● As a company we take our workplace violence and behavior policy very seriously and want to provide our
     employees with a safe and secure workplace. This policy applies equally to all employees, contractors, public
     visitors, clients and anyone else whom employees come into contact with while working at Las Vegas Scooters
     & Lifts.

  ● We consider workplace verbal or physical violence, abusive language, physical assault, threatening behavior,
     sexual or racial harassment either on or off our premises unacceptable and ask our employees to report any
     signs or threats or violent behavior to the local authorities immediately.

To ensure your scooter is waiting for you at your hotel and available for us to collect your scooter,
please remember to put your approximate check in and check out times using the time selection above.
*Store collection and Free Home Drop off and pick-up service is between the hours of 10am and 5pm Monday,
9am - 5pm Tuesday - Friday & Saturday 9am - 2pm. There is no store collection, pick up of drop off service on Sundays or national holidays.

Our aim as a company is to provide excellent service for our customers.
In the event of system miscalculation, malfunctions and any over or under charged bookings made online your booking will be voided and will be manually re-booked at the correct amount. You will be notified by phone call or email of any errors within the bookings and a new invoice will be issued with the correct rental amount. If you have pre-paid for your rental booking online, your payment will be refunded to your credit or debit card and notified of any errors or incorrect charges. We reserve the right to cancel any booking within 24hr in the event of any online booking errors.
*Dose not apply to Free Hotel Drop off/Pick up service as your scooter will be available prior to your check in time. (Subject to traffic delays)

Privacy statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully. We may use technology to track the patterns of behavior of visitors to our site including the use of a ‘cookie’ that would be stored on your browser. By submitting information to the website of Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts and its Service Provider. To better tailor our services to our users’ needs, we may use anonymous and aggregate information to help us make decisions on how to improve this website. As far as is legally possible, we do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. This policy is only applicable for visitors to or registered community users of Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts website where security policies so allow. These may vary according to the individual internet laws in each country.



Scooter Rental Accidental Damage, Loss Theft Coverage & Terms and Conditions

Accidental Damage Insurance

By purchasing our low cost daily rental insurance your scooter will be protected against accidental damage and repair up to $350. If you do not wish to take our in-house scooter insurance cover, below is a list of repair and replacement rates. Minor scratches (not cracks) on bumpers armrests and exposed shrouds are considered as normal wear. This insurance does not cover total loss for theft or deliberate misuse of the scooter.

Approximate replacement parts and repair example

  ● Snapped or broken key in the ignition: $35 - $85
  ● Lost, cracked or broken front shrouds: $50 - $250
  ● Lost, cracked or broken rear shrouds: $50 - $250
  ● Seat frame including mechanism , damaged or broken $100 - $300
  ● Seat vinyl covers $30 - $50
  ● Lost or damaged seat armrests and pads each $30 - $120
  ● Lost or damaged front basket $20 - $50
  ● Lost or damaged rear basket $60
  ● Broken or non functioning horn/s $10 - $30
  ● Broken or non functioning battery power meter $100 - $120
  ● Snapped or non functioning throttle lever $25 - $35
  ● Front or rear broken or non functioning lights $30 - $50
  ● Lost charger $30 - $60

Prices above do not include labor costs.
Accidental Damage Insurance does NOT cover theft, loss or vandalism.

Loss or Theft Insurance

Total Loss and theft daily insurance covers up to $2000 towards the replacement of the scooter and rental equipment in the event of fire or theft while in your possession. Neglect or failure to secure your scooter while in your possession will not be covered under our loss or theft insurance policy.

Costs for the Replacement of mobility equipment will be set at the manufactures MSRP value plus any taxes, fees and delivery charges incurred to replace the rental equipment.

By signing this agreement or purchasing via our online booking system you hereby agree to the terms and conditions set out. Las Vegas Scooters & Lifts Scooter Rentals will not tolerate vandalism against the company's property and we will report it to the authority, plus we will submit the customer's personal information to a Debt collection agency. All renters must be 21 years or over and must provide valid form of ID and a major credit card prior to collection; examples of ID accepted are passport, Drivers License or photo ID card